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“The NetworkArts project was not only about art and ecology but also about self-esteem. Creating a display of beauty for the school and the community has given these students a feeling of pride and giving of themselves for a larger cause. This is true education.”

David Reichenbacher
Service Learning Coordinator
Rhodes Middle School

How We Work

For over 15 years, NetworkArts has been working with schools and community organizations throughout the Philadelphia region and abroad to conduct educational programs that have transformed the lives of many tens of thousands of children. Program partners include schools, museums, libraries, community centers, housing projects, recreation centers, nursing homes, and gardens. Each project typically costs NetworkArts $15,000-$20,000, with expenses covered by a combination of corporate supporters, foundation grants, and individual donations.

Each program consists of a rich curriculum that features hands-on learning in four main areas: science, humanities, intergenerational, and an outreach program currently focused on Camden, NJ. At the end of each project, students create large-scale mosaics that integrate everything they have learned in the classroom and in the field.

Although the length of NetworkArts programs varies based on the needs and desires of program partners and on the subject matter chosen, programs typically run about 12-15 weeks with research, field trips, and art-making during the first 6 weeks and mosaic construction occurring during the last 6-8 weeks.